Personal Intuitive Development Series

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to know ahead of time which path or decision would give you all that you desire and envision, and which path would only lead to a dead end that wastes your time? Everyday life flows more smoothly when you are able to access your personal intuition, your natural extra sensory perception, for large and small decisions alike!

Each one of us is born with the ability to tune into or “read” situations and people. The only difference is that some of us have brought that ability forward, worked with it and encouraged the growth of our intuitive perceptions.

If you are reading this I believe you are a person who is motivated to fully actualize your life through a deeper understanding of the forces around you. In fact you most likely sense that you have a special life path that is uniquely your own .

You may even be a naturally gifted healer who needs the hands-on-healing training that I can provide. Perhaps your desire is to know the probable results before you take any personal actions in relationships, employment or different locations. You might want to psychically determine the results of your new plans.

I encourage you to contact me for an individually designed four-part series of Personalized Intuitive Development. I bring my 38+ years of experience in psychic counseling, teaching and investigation to serve your needs and goals.

The four guided sessions are given by me, one lesson, one hour each week in the beautiful healing room of my Rogers Arkansas home. The instruction is completely private and confidential. Each lesson is tailored to meet your personal desires and talents.

  Phone: (928) 300-2030


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