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Once again I am offering Developing “Extra Sensory” Perception: Accessing Your Natural Psychic Ability. The class is very interactive or in other words hands-on learning. I designed the work to be a lot of fun while giving you the necessary tools to access your highest and best abilities. The class is for 6 consecutive Monday nights from 7 to 8:30 pm. It is presented through Community Education at the Yavapai College campus in Prescott AZ. The course is offered March 14, 2016. The bargain price is $75 for 6 Monday evenings. I am an ordained metaphysical minister and spiritualist counselor. I have worked in this field for nearly 40 years.


Today I am giving you a very special gift. I am printing for you the personal permission slip you were given when you entered this lifetime. It says: “In this moment and now and forever you are granted the unending right to be and express that very special, unique, unusual individual you were born to be.” Now I must ask you: Are you willing to use that right?

Just as no two snowflakes are alike, you are not like any other person on this earth or possibly any other life form in the cosmos. It is your own individuality that is your gift. You are special and important. I applaud all your differences.

Somewhere deep inside you lives a power filled urging to carve your own path, to pull away from whatever anyone else thinks you should or ought to do. Your soul pushes you to express your uniqueness, to take chances by acting on your wildest ideas.

Oh, yes, you may have goals and objectives that are similar to the ideas of others, but your way of accomplishment will never be the same. Your methods will not be identical to those of anyone else. You were born to shine in your own way. None of you are clones.

Why is this so important? Because by acknowledging your unique desires and abilities you are shedding the inhibiting guidelines you have absorbed or inherited from family, friends or coworkers. This letting go of past instructions will allow you to finally fully actuate the life that your soul intended from your birth. By projecting the truth of who you are into your life, you may lose a friend or two but I promise you will attract others who see and appreciate the light and love that you are.

Going along with mass thought, following the majority or the crowd will not make you happy. It is not only O.K. to use the road less traveled, the belief system less used, it is necessary. Each of you must carve your own path by following the urging of your heart. When you feel joy pour over you like a warm shower you are pursuing exactly what you need to do regardless of anyone else’s opinion or reaction.

Because you are individual, one of a kind, there is no single plan, no one way for gaining those experiences and that education for which you came to earth, for which you incarnated to be here at this particular time in the planet’s evolution. “One size” does not now and never will “fit all”.

Do you have day dreams or night visions that tug at your heart, dreams that beg you to follow them? Do not let them get away for lack of your attention. Write down your desires. Maybe you feel they are impossible or impractical but do not let them get away.

If your dreams are important enough to stir your soul, imagination and emotion, they are important enough to keep. Those dreams can be Spirit’s way of giving you directions, allowing you to attain resonance with your soul. What does not work today may well work tomorrow. Just acknowledging the desires of your heart can magnetize your personal energy to draw others to help you. Writing those heartfelt desires in a journal brings them energy and life.

As a psychic, I offer Dream Work as well as Intuitive
Development classes from time to time. I design all of those classes to be as much fun and games as possible simply because people seem to learn much faster in that kind of format. Why study dreams? Why push toward intuitive development? Because if you become more aware of the inner essence or truth of what is happening within you and around you, you can make more life affirming choices.

I believe too many of us go through life holding back our words and thoughts for fear of offending someone with our beliefs or saying something too “far out.” Much to my daughter’s embarrassment, I have a habit of striking up a conversation about anything most anywhere. One night when we were entertaining I asked our guests “Have any of you ever seen a U.F.O.?” I could almost feel my daughter sink into the carpet. But that question started a very lively and interesting conversation.

Let me tell you about my trip to Walmart the other day. This story has nothing to do with guides, angels and masters or even the meaning of life but here it is anyway. I had just walked in the back door of Walmart when I noticed this little curly haired older lady with an empty shopping cart. She was leaning just a bit on a small cane. Without meaning to I began to laugh so hard I nearly turned inside out.

Naturally she turned to look at me. I touched her lightly on one shoulder and said “I just can’t help it. I got the funniest idea in my mind that I was going to grab your cart and run down the aisle with you chasing me. I would never do such a thing and I can’t imagine why I even thought it! I must be tired to get so silly.” By that time we were both laughing till people began to stare. She said, “Worse than that, I wouldn’t have been able to catch you!”

I like to think that both of us felt a little lighter after all that fun. I smile every time I think about it. We tend to take everything in life so seriously that once in a while we just need a little comic relief.

To some degree all of us are the product of those “rights and wrongs” we learned in childhood. Our parents with their beliefs and understanding did the best they could to guide us but as adults we need to look carefully at those early rules and judgments that may no longer serve us. We need to acknowledge something as basic as it is alright to talk to strangers.

In still another realm of influence we may be tempted to “fall in line” with our friends or co-workers ideas of what is right for us when what we really need is to learn to listen to our soul’s directions.

To illustrate our tendency to do the so called right or expected thing, let me tell you about my cat Festus. I had just moved with my adopted alley cat, Festus, to a new home in Austin, Texas. I was worried that he would become disoriented in the neighborhood so I bought a little harness and attached him with a chain on the patio under the shade of the roof. I intended to keep him tied for maybe three days until he could understand that this was his new home.

All went well for a couple of days. I kept him fed, watered and shaded. Then on day number three I came out to pet him and there was no Festus, just a harness and a chain. I immediately started searching the neighborhood and spotted him a few blocks down the street. When I called to him he ran the opposite direction. I thought that was the end of that.

However, when I got back to the house there he was, sitting right beside his harness and chain pretending he was still attached. How smart are animals? I have to wonder though if his behavior wasn’t akin to something we do. We break away from some of the old learned behaviors that no longer fit and then, out of comfort or familiarity, we go right back.

Perhaps unconsciously, we feel the need to conform to the patterns that our family or friends have created for us. Most folks have a tendency to resist change. Those people we are close to may be more content with their perceptions of us if we are willing to be predictable. They may be happier if what they have decided to be true about us remains static. In many cases, they prefer it if we will stay in the little identity box they have created for us.

Is it any wonder that we tend to have communication challenges with our relationships when we understand things so differently? Working with your own intuition, sharpening your inner awareness can be a communication tool and blessing. Strengthened intuition absolutely will improve your understanding of others in your life, but equally important, it will help you to understand your own actions and motivations.

I am reminded of one of the Carlos Castaneda books. In it his mentor and teacher, Don Juan, tells Carlos, “You must lose your personal history.” Carlos says he can’t do that. He has earned this degree, he has had this experience. But Don Juan insists, telling him he has to be who he is today, this minute.

I believe that is what each of us must do. Yes, our past has brought us to this day, our current level of understanding, but we cannot live from or in the past. We need to be the new “this minute” us, this “now” us with all our new ideas, understanding and concepts. It is definitely o.k. to be different! It is right that you and only you should select your current path and ideas.

Embrace change. Welcome it in your life. It is only through change that you can move forward. Look at your own life from a different point of view. Ask yourself questions! Who or what is center stage in your life today? Is there reciprocity in this situation or are you bleeding away all your energy. Does this activity or relationship fill you with joy or emptiness?

Sometimes that which was on center stage in your life needs to be loved from a distance or moved to the curb!
Each of you has a soul that is always prompting you to move forward, to accomplish. It urges you from your heart to be as much as you can be, to use your special gifts and talents.

Listen to that warm, urging heart emotion. If you are able to perceive that heart and soul wisdom with greater understanding and give it your full attention, you will find the way to access a more fulfilling joy and flow in your life.

How can you know if you are on your LIFE PATH? I have the question so many times in my work as a counselor. Fortunately, you have been given the measuring stick or tool to use for just such a question. When the path your are on, the work you are doing is so much a part of you that minutes and hours spent in that endeavor mean nothing, you have found it. When you never bother to look at a clock because you are doing what you love, you are on your path. When your heart sings and your spirit soars, you have found IT!

Being your authentic self, finding your way to your special destination may not happen in an instant. No matter how long it takes, your dedication to the journey will be an inspiration to others. Each step along the way is a learning experience.

Develop the gifts and the talents that you have. Work with those occupations or goals that draw you in and will not let you go. No one person can decide for you what your life is about. Not your closest friend, not your parents, not your spouse can ever know the intimate details of what makes you special.

Be proud of your individuality and make the best use of it. You are important to this earth and all of her inhabitants. No one can make the contribution you came here to make. Believe in yourself and step forward with confidence.

I am always ready to help you with any of your life challenges and questions. Call today for your private counseling appointment. I welcome you to my Prescott, Arizona studio or to a telephone session. In either case I will give you a cassette tape of your reading for your later review. Be sure to ask about chakra clearings with sound, color and crystals and private intuitive development lessons.

Reverend Lois Cheney, (928)300-2030 or


Through my many years working as a psychic and healing channel I have always known how effective healing energies can be when transmitted at a distance. That distance of transmission can be thousands of miles away or just down the street. Energy knows no boundaries at all. Healings happen when there is sufficient motivation and acceptance on the part of the recipient.

I have sent healing successfully to people, dogs, cats and horses to name just a few recipients. Usually I am working with rather specific diseases or discomforts that are experienced. However in the last couple of years additionally I have started using my specialized chakra clearing techniques as healing but also as a preventative measure. Chakra clearing can reduce significantly the probability of the onset of physical, mental and emotional stresses.

When working with a client for chakra clearing and entrainment, I ask when I telephone that they be relaxed in their home preferably stretched out on a bed, couch or floor where they can hear my voice coming through the speaker system of their telephone. The reason for the speaker is that I want them to experience the sound of my tuning forks as well as the affirmations that I offer.

Through the ethers I send the appropriate colored energy to each of their chakras and adjust their speed of vibration. The result of balancing each chakra with color, sound and energetic vibration allows the chakras to work together on the central column as originally intended.

Another transition for my work has occurred because of the change in earth energies. Along with that basic earth change many people also are coming up into higher vibrations to match the more elevated incoming energy. Whereas I used to work with the usual well-known seven-chakra system, I found it necessary to begin working with twelve chakras.

The added result for clients of my working with all twelve of their chakras is that the very positive aspect of reaching high level intuition becomes much more possible and direct. People can make heretofore undreamed of advances with their extra sensory perception. Gaining more accurate pointed knowledge of an ultimately useful kind is a great advantage day to day.

I invite you to call to experience this special chakra clearing for yourself. It will surprise you with the strong advancement it provides you for your daily life and your life path.

Rev. Lois Cheney (928)300-2030


The multidimensional mind is an interesting place! Yes, we need our rationality but sometimes the intuitive sensing can be a lot more practical help in the long run.

I want to tell you a little true incident from my experience. Some years ago I purchased a wonderful book by another author: “Living in Balance”. It is one of those books that you read a chapter or so and then set it aside because it is so packed with great concepts and ideas.

My particular copy of the book was definitely used. I may have purchased it at the Goodwill or perhaps a used bookstore. I really don’t remember where I bought it. At any rate it was full of side notes and underlining in various colored ink and pencil. Those handwritten comments were put on the pages by a number of other readers.

One day as I was leafing through the book it occurred to me that it was not as physically “beautiful” as I thought it should be. I thought it wasn’t somehow presentable enough to be in my bookcase. I decided to order a nice new copy thinking it would “look better” on the shelf.

I did order a new copy which arrived a week or so later. The odd thing was I felt absolutely no desire to open or handle the new very clean book! I finally asked myself why. Turns out I had failed to realize all those people who had hand written margin notes and underlined passages in the old copy had become my friends!

I didn’t know those folks in the usual way but somehow I loved them. They had offered me different points of view. Each one of them had taken on the role of teacher for me and I missed them!

If only I had checked in with my gut intuition before I ordered another copy, I would have realized the appearance of the cover and pages were of no importance to me. No I did not throw away the new book but it will probably be in that same pristine condition in my bookcase forever!