Could you use some clarity for your life? Today is the day to call for your private session in the healing room of my Rogers Arkansas home or on the telephone. I am happy to answer all your questions and give you your personal reading on cassette tape for your later review. To be sure you use our time together for the best results, I suggest you prepare your questions in advance.

I want you to receive all the answers that you need. I will utilize your guides and teachers as well as my own for the highest and best information. Of course much additional information comes from your loved ones in spirit without even asking.The cost of a reading is $100 and the length of time is 30 to 45 minutes depending on your questions and your needs. Call today to book your private session. Rev. Lois, Rogers Arkansas (928)300-2030.


  1. I have heard and read this before, thank you for the viusal description. I understand this is a warning for all types of addictive personalities (smoking, drugs, alcohol) and that if you imbibe a lot, they will attach to get the memory of that addiction and convince you to continue repeatedly.Here is a question. Can you enter a dance club (which is sort of like a bar with better music) ~ but before you enter, shield yourself? That way you can still have a lot of fun dancing? And maybe one drink to relax to get on the dance floor? (Then only water.)Or, should you abstain from all of it?

    1. I certainly cannot come out against dancing. Dancing with or without music is a wonderful way to energize the body. As to shielding and then drinking…that depends entirely on your abilities!

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